Steven makes most of his vaunted millions writing and creative directing marketing materials. Here, though, are a few soft journalism pieces he’s done over the years which weren’t lost in the flood. Enjoy.


Coasteering in Wales. It Only Sounds Dangerous If You’re Listening. This travel feature was published on, a large American travel-junkie site. Read it here:  Coasteering in Wales: It Only Sounds Dangerous


Massive Stone Circles, Ancient Viking Tombs and Hilarious Drunk Locals. Here’s a story about my honeymoon detour to Orkney off the blustery north coast of Scotland: fascinating place. Read: Scotland’s Orkney Islands: Pondering Ancient Feats of Architectural Genius


Mountain Climbing in Switzerland With the Kids. From the summit you could see the Matterhorn and Italy. (No, they’re not near each other.) This mountain was insanely high but blessedly doable thanks to a chairlift before the 3-hour upward hike. Summiting A Swiss Mountain With Your Kids: Challenging, but Not Difficult


Learning to Live With a Brain Injury, from Sharp magazine. I never expected them to buy the pitch. Later, the editor said it was the best piece of its kind he’d ever read. Turns out there’s scar tissue on my brain, likely from childhood concussions but teenage friends may have their own theories. This is about self-discovery. Read part 1: Thank God I’m Brain Damaged (I thought something was wrong with me!) «

It actually was printed in the magazine but it’s easier to post a web PDF. Here’s part 2: Thank God I’m Brain Damaged _Part 2