Using Our Decluttering Powers For Good

Ever notice how all advertising workers call all others’ work ‘clutter’? Indeed, this industry jargon’s become so entrenched, it’s less cliché than dogma. Or mantra. Let’s recite it: “Our work breaks through their clutter!” Congratulations, you’ve just attended 10,000 advertising pitches.

Well, it’s late November here and the holiday fortissimo is deafening. While my work is breaking through your clutter, I don’t feel too guilty. My children have shoes and the house is still heated. Besides, this brochure for the Canadian Cancer Society just came online. (Read more below.)

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.10.14 AM

The brief was specific: 16 pages and an encouraging concept that wouldn’t overwhelm readers with reproachful lashings of advice. Change is hard, though. Even one change at a time. Still, so how to instill all this useful advice?

“How about gradual and simple changes, introduced month by month?” I suggested. Over a year (12 pages, 1 for each month — note the seasonality of the pictures) we’d coach readers to assimilate scores of better habits, in stages. The concept provided a reason to group loads of topics into manageable sections, then left 4 pages for covers, intro and closing. Clutter-free!

The final result makes me feel good and I’d like you to read it. For your free copy, contact: