Sea to Sky ‘Adventure’? OK, but in Sensory Stimulation

IMG-6759It’s Day 114 of the month-long lockdown that Ontario’s been under and I’ve decided, finally, to amass many of the stories I scattered around the media over the last decade. Why? Well you’ve probably noticed that stuff’s been falling apart lately. How can I trust publishers to save my stuff if I don’t do the same?

So anyway: Last spring a luxury 3-day all-expenses-paid trip to British Columbia fell from the sky. I got word that I’d be going on the Wednesday night and the flight left Friday morning. I was just getting over the (below mentioned) shingles and was ready for some fun. The trip included 4 nights in Fairmont hotels with all the indulgences you can imagine sandwiched into the days. Everything from a private aerial tour of the Sunshine Coast in an ancient Cessna, to zip-lining down one of those toothy Whistler mountains after consuming several gallons of sushi. IMG-6872

Published in ViCARious Magazine, the link below take you to one of my favourite stories from last year. (Normally I’d just co-publish here my site but Jeff Voth at ViCARious employs a superior art director. Welcome to yet another new normal.)

Look for the reference to my old friend Kirstie Lang, aka activist Sally Buck:  VICARIOUS007_StevenBochenek_BMW