Canadian Blood Services

Remember the legal fallout from the 1980s Red Cross Tainted Blood Scandal? Ever since, Canadian Blood Services (CBS) has been zealously narrow about whose blood they’ll accept. So for years, countless willing would-be donors were rejected. A nosily pointed pre-donation questionnaire determined their blood a statistical risk of latent nastiness. My wife and I are on that list.

(There you are jumping to conclusions again. We’re not that interesting. We lived in the UK for a year in 1990 — and it can take decades for mad cow disease to surface.)

Eventually CBS realized that infected blood is actually a researcher’s goldmine! This message was to all of us needle-sharing Haitians reared on British beef, as it were: Please re-consider donating. Hence this tasteful DR postcard campaign for Arnold Interactive. Enjoy but please don’t ask what concepts didn’t make the cut.