Oh, sure. NOW You Give Me the Award!

Welcome back. It’s been months since my last update, so I hope you didn’t wait up. I left beer in the fridge for you, so it couldn’t have been too hellish.

Congratulate me. I won the 2014 Canadian Auto Journalist of the Year award. Well, the runner-up spot. (Always the Brideshead and never the Downton Abbey.) But it’s still a pretty big honour. Sadly, I couldn’t attend the Automobile Journalists of Canada (AJAC) banquet this year where they announce the awards and everyone who doesn’t win feels like a heel. (I’ve been twice before and remember.) I was too busy packing.

I have moved to Italy. My wife got a great job here in Milan. Our kids are away at university. I can write from anywhere. So this was the perfect time. Besides, it wasn’t like this auto journalism thing was going anywhere.

Thanks, God. You rock my world with irony.

I’m still offering freelance marketing to clients from anywhere on the planet. And if you need a car reviewed, please ship it to Milan and send me an email.