“Hey, this marketing stuff works.”

Apologies. The last blog update, about a well received Canadian Cancer Society brochure I wrote, was 5 weeks ago. I know, I know. What about my personal brand, trending numbers and what about the children?!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.16.48 PM Well, remember that old saw about the cobbler’s kids being the poorest shod on the street? That’s how it is with many marketing people. We’re too busy doing others’ marketing to put shoes on our children.

Or something like that.

Worse, though, are those who do market regularly but just blabble jargonsphere. “Our meta-optimized SEO social guru synergies are granular and results-oriented!” Which is inevitably followed by “Let’s talk!”

Yet just after my last update, below, the same Cancer Society called and hired me to write another piece because — wait for it — they liked the writing.

What a refreshing reminder: it’s actual communication combined with a well-timed push that makes it rain. Not just the constant push of noise. Put that in your 2.0 user-generated tagcloud and incentivize it.

For your free copy of the brochure, email steven.bochenek@WithScience.com