Because We’re Not in McCansis Anymore

Introducing my podcast, SB AND … The letters stand for Steven Bochenek’s Advertising Nowadays Discussions. Like many marketing veterans, I find myself increasingly gobsmacked at the fraying conditions of the modern advertising world. Now that everyone’s a brand, you could argue that advertising is everything everywhere. Likewise, you could say now that everyone’s a brand, advertising is dead and gone but for the occasional Russian bot you friended on Facebook.

Either way, we’re not in McCansis anymore.

So, I try to re-orient myself, talking with people who are working at the edges of the advertising universe — on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month. We discuss where the ad industry is at, where they think it’s going, and whether its frequent flyer points will still be valid when it gets there.

Example? The first episode is a chat with Elliott Smith the Executive Creative Director of Deloitte Digital. Yes, the consulting behemoth has its own in-house experiential shop! If traditional agencies aren’t nervous, they aren’t paying attention. As of posting this, Apple and Stitcher don’t recognize the SB AND… RSS feed but you can listen here.