Babies, weddings, puppies, celebrities and … pardon?

David Ogilvy loved research. He also loved a tipple. Dave knew that when you create work reflecting people’s interests, they’ll look at it. Makes sense.

His interviews with consumers — aka research — led him to conclude that people will look at pictures of babies, weddings, cute animals, royalty and … wait a sec. Royalty? It was the early ’60s; forgive him. Today he’d surely say celebrities.

But there’s no quick save for this last one: Mr Ogilvy believed people are keenly interested in, ahem, trains. Maybe he meant travel and its concomitant glamour. Shedding the quotidian drudgery with the capricious possibilities of the moment and all that.

Or maybe it was just the tipple.

Then again, above ad for GAMMEX surgical gloves (tell all your surgeon and chief nurse friends to hurry out and buy lots) ticks the babies box. Seems DO was right. There are two more ads coming soon. One woos readers with celebrity, if you consider the nerd-cachet of brain surgery. And the other? Well, let’s just say we can always use trains next year.